Villa near Venice

Are looking for a villa near Venice?
Do you want to organize an event in one of the most beautiful villas near Venice with more 405 seats and 600 square meter?
In the heart of the Veneto region, along the Brenta River, stands the 17th century architectural complex called Villa Foscarini Rossi-Rossi. Villa Foscarini Rossi today is one of the better villa near Venice, built around the seventeenth-century. The rooms are painted by best Venetian artists Pietro Liberi e Domenico de Bruni. Around the villa there is a beautiful park, a nice solution to organize events for your party.
The strategic position of Villa Foscarini Rossi near Venice, allows you to live an exciting break that combines the fun of a vacation to culture, thanks to its proximity to Venice and other small towns rich in history.
From Villa Foscarini Rossi, Venice is easily accessible with the bus service that makes more races throughout the day and throughout the week. Also, you can opt for the ferry at Fusina direct to Piazza San Marco.
Other activities possible thanks to the proximity of the villa in Venice are the excursion boats in the Brenta River. This hike offers a nature trail and historical suggestive of the local fauna and of all the
villas on the Brenta (about sixty).
Villa Foscarini Rossi has different environments for different types of events:

Book your event in Villa Foscarini Rossi, there are many environments and many options for you!
All of this within walking distance from venice

  • Ground floor with 405 seats
  • The mansard with 600 square meter- open space
  • The wine cellars
  • The arcade
  • The garden
  • The shoes museum

The Gallery